Is your child in year 6 this School year?

If they are it means that next May they will be sitting the National Curriculum tests in English and Mathematics and will be expected to obtain at least a level 4 in both subjects.

Pupils who do not get that 'magic' 4 often feel they are failures or somehow have less worth than their classmates. 

What we can do is to -  

a) Assess your child to see if they have any weak areas in Mathematics that might affect their chances of getting a level 4.

b) Provide you a full detailed report of our findings.

c) Work out a personalized  course covering any areas of weakness and building your child's confidence in this subject.

Pupils no longer have a calculator paper at all in the Key Stage 2 Exams so it is vital they can do all of their working out on paper.

If you would like to help your child to feel confident in Mathematics in Year 6 then why not contact us today?

(Please note initial assessment sessions and reports cost just £10. If after that you want us to tutor your child our standard charge of £18 an hour applies.)

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