Initial Consultation

 Tutoring Sessions

 When you first contact us we will arrange with you an appointment for an initial consultation. The purpose of this is for us to get to know you and to find out what problems your child has had in Maths and what they need help with. 

We will usually leave you with a test paper which we would ask you to get your child to sit in test conditions. Once you tell us that your child has finished the test we will collect it and mark it and prepare a detailed individual study plan showing what we think we need to do to help your child improve. 

We will leave the marked paper with you and having gone through the plan with you we will leave that as well. It is then up to you to decide if you wish to book tuition sessions for your child.

 Tutoring sessions are normally between 60 and 70 minutes long. 

The activities in the sessions will depend on many things such as the age of the child and the course being followed. For younger pupils we will try to make the activities fun and use a variety of materials including computer software. 

However for pupils close to their GCSE examination the work must focus on getting the skills and knowledge to get the grade that they need. 

When you book for a series of sessions we would recommend that they take place at the same time each week. 

For some younger pupils a 60 minute session can be too much in one chunk, so we will on occasions suggest 40 minute sessions instead.  These would be charged at 70% of our normal rate

Please note as well as GCSE we are able to offer tuition for the Certificate in Mathematics, IGCSE and functional skills levels 1 & 2.

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