In some ways a student's GCSE year can be the most important in their life. The grades that they get at the end of that year can affect their whole career chances.

Sometimes for a variety of reasons students face the prospect of starting this important year behind in Mathematics and then with all the pressure of assessments and course work in many subjects it can be very difficult to make up that lost ground.

What we can offer to do is to help your son/daughter close that gap as they start their final year in School. 

We can provide both short booster or longer term courses to build their confidence and knowledge in this subject as they work towards their final examination at the end of Year 11.

We have had excellent success over the past two years in boosting pupil's grades during Year 11.

We are fully up to date with all the courses from the major exam boards such as Edexcel, AQA and OCR. 

We also ensure that we keep up to date with all of the changes being brought in by the Government so as the new Secondary Curriculum starts being taught this September we are ready to provide students with all the support that they need in working towards the new exams which will start in 2017. We already have the specimens of the new examinations sent out by the examination boards in June 2015.

If your child is behind in Maths we can help them! - so why not get in touch with us today?

Remember our first introductory session costs only £10.

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