Whilst we will always do our best to help your child get the exam grades that they need either in SATs or G.C.S.E. and we will give you detailed reports of their progress throughout the time that they are working with us - we cannot ever guarantee that your child will get the result that they need.

There are lots of external factors that can affect how a child performs  in an exam from feeling unwell; to having had an argument with their friends; to just being put off by being placed in a formal examination setting.

If anyone claims they can 100% ensure success for your child then they are not telling the truth and you should not employ their services.

By employing our services you accept that although we will always do our best to  help your child progress to the level that they require we cannot ever guarantee that they will achieve that level in their final examinations and we cannot be held in anyway liable for your son/daughter obtaining a lower level/grade than was hoped for.

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